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We’re and we’ve perfected our bold approach to real estate over the past 20 years.

Legal Disclaimers – This page is intended to be used for information purposes only.  Your decision to purchase a franchise should be based upon your own due diligence.  If you are in a regulated province (BC, AB, MB, ON, NB, PEI), you will receive pre-sale disclosure from us in the form of a disclosure package.  You should review this with professional advisors of your own choosing and ensure that you understand and accept the risks of purchasing a franchise before you decide to proceed. makes no representations as to a) the cost of operating a franchise; b) the profitability of a franchise; or c) the level of success of a franchise.  Your success will depend, to a large degree, on your own efforts. Inc. is a private sale marketing company and each franchise is independently owned and operated (collectively "Us" or "We"). We are not real estate brokers nor agents. We represent neither the buyer nor the seller. We do not trade in real estate. We neither warranty nor make any representations as to the outcome of a property sale.    © 2020 Inc. All Rights Reserved.  All marks and names belong to their respective owners.

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The real estate industry is broken - and PropertyGuys.Com Is Here To Fix It

The real estate industry is stuck in the past. While almost every other industry has been radically disrupted to become more consumer friendly, transparent, and efficient, the majority of homes are bought and sold in the same way that they were 100 years ago.

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When was the last time you hailed a taxi instead of calling an Uber or went out to the store instead of pressing “add to cart” on Amazon prime? When was the last time you waited a full week to watch another episode of your favorite show?

In this era of major disruption and changing buying behavior, why are we still using agents to buy and sell houses? is bringing the same level of disruption to the real estate industry.

Founded in 1998, has emerged as the dominant brand for helping homeowners sell their homes on their own. With over 100 locations open across North America, is radically changing the way real estate transactions are done by cutting out the listing agent entirely and putting all the power back into the hands of the homeowner – where it belongs.

Low Costs + High Margins = A Great Business

Being affordable doesn’t mean that franchise owners aren’t profitable – far from it. Our business model is designed to maximize profitability from day one.

Our business model allows our franchise owners to start up quickly without having to hire employees, rent an office, or other unnecessary overhead expenses. Our call center takes the place of both an office assistant and sales professional, as we not only answer all customer inquiries, but we also convert leads into local sales appointments. The services that our franchise owners provide offer high margins, are easy to implement, and most importantly, are easy for our customers to understand the advantages.

Wide-Open, Exclusive Territories Available

The franchise is rapidly expanding across the United States, where we have wide-open territories available, as well as in Canada, where we’re quickly running out of territory. Our territories are exclusive, which means our franchise owners collaborate rather than compete with each other. If you’re passionate about real estate and are ready to join a truly disruptive brand, franchising with is a wise choice.

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It all starts with filling out the inquiry form on this website. We can’t wait to learn more about you, and help you become a part of the brand that’s ready to change the real estate industry forever.

News Release - October 26, 2021

The Smarter Way to Sell continues to spread across the United States with their newest addition, Karim Kerachni! Kerachni will act in an exciting role, bringing revolutionary real estate opportunities to the state of Massachusetts!

Originally from Canada, Kerachni spent most of his life growing up in France. Moving back to Canada in 2014, Kerachni is a self-starter and a successful entrepreneur. He opened his own cleaning company in Halifax, and since its inception, it has become the #1 cleaning service in Nova Scotia.

Read the full news release here Brings the Real Estate Revolution to New England

Karim Kerachni signs Area Rep Agreement to add 10 Franchise Units in the New England area in the next 30 months

But not anymore. is here to bring the real estate industry into the future. By empowering homeowners to sell their homes on their own, is not only more affordable than a traditional agent model, but delivers a far superior experience for the homeowner. This is why has continued to grow for more than 20 years, and with more than 100 locations open, is now the largest private home sale network in North America.

As a business opportunity, A Franchise stands out. With low costs of ownership, a proven business model designed for profitability and growth, and the full support of the same visionary leadership that built this brand from the ground up, is your opportunity to change the way real estate works in your community. The time to invest in a Franchise is now.

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Reach out to our trusted local Franchise Area Developer for Massachusetts 

Karim Kerachni

Director Of Franchise Development

Ph:  857-308-1234

Reach Out to our trusted Franchise Area Developer

Karim Kerachni

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