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We are proud of our accomplishments and national media coverage.  As you will see below, we get a lot of attention.  Take a look at a few of our favourite achievements and mentions.

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Legal Disclaimers – This page is intended to be used for information purposes only.  Your decision to purchase a PropertyGuys.com franchise should be based upon your own due diligence.  If you are in a regulated province (BC, AB, MB, ON, NB, PEI), you will receive pre-sale disclosure from us in the form of a disclosure package.  You should review this with professional advisors of your own choosing and ensure that you understand and accept the risks of purchasing a PropertyGuys.com franchise before you decide to proceed.  PropertyGuys.com makes no representations as to a) the cost of operating a PropertyGuys.com franchise; b) the profitability of a PropertyGuys.com franchise; or c) the level of success of a PropertyGuys.com franchise.  Your success will depend, to a large degree, on your own efforts.  PropertyGuys.com Inc. is a private sale marketing company and each PropertyGuys.com franchise is independently owned and operated (collectively "Us" or "We"). We are not real estate brokers nor agents. We represent neither the buyer nor the seller. We do not trade in real estate. We neither warranty nor make any representations as to the outcome of a property sale.   

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We've been able to combine the best of both worlds - cutting edge technology with our local franchise owners on the ground to enable existing property owners to buy and sell with ease, for a fraction of the cost.  That's what we call ...

The Future of
Real Estate

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Kim Swanson

A family approach to business

Eric Nomandeau

It's a community focus

Mallory Whitty

From start-up to Top Performer

Financial freedom and control

Stephanie Jones

Mike & Kim Marshall

The PGU Training Experience

Ben Quenneville

Not your typical 9-5

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As a trained franchisee, you'll have the resources needed to start and run your business while enjoying the freedom of managing your own schedule.   Whether you choose to operate a hands-on business or manage a team, the standard PropertyGuys.com franchise operation will involve:

"We are so impressed with the forward thinking of the platform team.  We are 100% confident PG will be driving #thefutureofrealestate."

"The Resource Centre team at PG is a vital part of my business, providing leads, talking with people, getting me in the door, handling client calls, etc.   They are professional on every level and give me confidence knowing that side of my business is being looked after."

"As a veteran franchisee, I still enjoy working with the business development team that participates in mapping out our future."


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