Cash Back / Rebate Disclosure * ”It can make selling virtually FREE” is to illustrate the financial benefits of using BuyerPro. No actual items will be purchased for the buyer(s). The buyer(s) who use(s) this program will receive a commission rebate for an amount equal to the cost of their private sale marketing package up to a maximum of 20% of the buy-side commission received by the brokerage. Rebates are only available to those buyers who close on a qualifying transaction with PG Direct Realty Ltd. Brokerage while acting as their exclusive buyer brokerage.

Cash Back / Rebate eligibility *To be eligible for this rebate, the buyer(s) must first sign a buyer representation agreement (BRA) which will outline and disclose the conditions associated with the Commission Rebate. Commission Rebates are subject to certain conditions, limitations, exclusions, modifications all of which will be highlighted and disclosed to you in writing upon entering into a definitive agreement. This offer is only available in participating jurisdictions where PG Direct Realty Ltd. is advertising the availability of its buyer service. This promotion is not meant to solicit buyers or sellers currently under contract with another brokerage. For questions regarding this program email us at This promotion is only valid in select markets through December 31, 2021.

Legal Disclaimer - is a private sale marketplace and franchise network. Each franchise is independently owned and operated (collectively “Us” or “We”). We are not real estate brokers or agents. We represent neither the buyer nor the seller. We do not trade in real estate. We neither warranty nor make any representations as to the outcome of a property sale. Services related to the buying program (BuyerPro) depicted in the advertisement above are not delivered by Inc. Licensed real estate services are independently provided by PG Direct Realty Ltd. Brokerage. The term BuyerPro is owned by Inc. and used by our advertisers with permission. Our PRO Approach includes services that may be performed for our users by third-party service providers. Such services are not performed or provided by us.

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Taking all of the calls and inquiries can sometimes be a drag. Get help with inquiries and managing your showing requests.

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Discover how we leverage an entire team of experts to help you successfully sell privately and on your own terms. You’ll enjoy having more control and visability over the different aspects of your sale.

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